Monday, June 03, 2013

Lovely joint with an Aussie touch

Aussie Cafe (San Po Kong)

After attempting several times to list this on OpenRice, it finally got listed.

Previously this shop used to be Mr.Fruit but now it has become Aussie Cafe serving juice, sandwiches, pastas and coffee.

The prices are quite cheap too, pastas only cost $3X.

I was hoping they would do Australian style chips with chicken salt but they don't.
However they serve an Australian brand of coffee.

I expected the quality to be good because the owner previously worked at the top notch Mandarin Oriental hotel.

Egg sandwich:When I ordered it, I thought I needed to wait but it was already done.
It came wrapped in paper.

It was clearly and neatly labelled too.

On the left corner, they have also written the day which they made it for their reference.

I was quite surprised that the paper wrap was really dry and it turned out the sandwich was wrapped in clingfilm within the paper wrap.

The egg sandwich was plain and simple, the taste was how it should be just like the authentic Western sandwiches, and none of that weird tasting salad cream.

Orange juice:

The orange juice was unsweetened which was good and it was slightly foamy on top from the juicing.
It had a lovely label with a Kangaroo on it.

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