Saturday, June 29, 2013

Well hidden eatery : 嚐館

嚐館 (Wan Chai)

Just finished a tasting and had a long gap between the next one so wandered about in Wan Chai on the way to Causeway Bay.

I was near W Square deciding to take the Hennessey Road route or Wan Chai Road route when I saw an alley with some restaurants.

There was Wing's kitchen and at the far back was this restaurant.

I was surprised to see an award because according to the staff they have only been opened for a month.

I was only attracted to this place because of the charcoal noodles.

There is a soup version listed below but it was spicy so I chose the Charcoal soba with wasabi.
If they told me there was a non spicy version I would have tried it too.

Charcoal soba with wasabi:

On the table, they had a factsheet with the nutritional values of the Charcoal noodles.

The noodles were quite nice, there was heavy sesame oil flavouring well as wasabi.
The wasabi was a bit too strong.
Lemon with water:

This came free with the noodles.
When I asked for the bill, I was surprised there was a discount.
The total was $38 but without the discount, the noodles cost $45.

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