Saturday, June 08, 2013

Dear coconut and mango lovers

Heart's Dessert (Sham Shui Po)

For coconut and mango lovers this is just the dessert shop!

The dessert chef absolutely adores mango which is why almost every item has mango

Coconut pudding with caramel pudding:

I was really looking forward to this because the last time I had a similar dessert was at Dessert Revolution where they used a Young coconut instead and inside it also had coconut jelly made from coconut water.

I really liked this dessert because the coconut jelly had a stronger taste compared to young coconut and the caramel pudding on top enhanced it.
Mango, pomelo sweet soup:
Mango lovers will love this and there were also liquid filled pearls too which give it a burst of flavour here and there.
Longan, vanilla icecream and sago dessert:
I really liked this dessert and it was refreshing, the sweetness was just right and I loved the kanten jelly pieces in it too.
Almond pudding:

Visually I loved this dessert, pure white almond pudding against the lovely red strawberry slices.
The almond pudding was really silky with strong almond taste.
Champagne jelly:

The jelly was made with a good proportion of champagne because you can actually taste the alcohol in it.
Just want to Thank Mjqueen7e, 甜入心 and Lxgxxn for inviting me to the tasting.

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