Monday, June 10, 2013

Delicious burgers @ CEO Neway

CEO Neway (Causeway Bay)

Tried to come here previously for their buffet and their arrangement annoyed me because I got there at 5.30 when the dinner buffet starts and they did not have any rooms on that floor

Anyway came back another time during the afternoon hours so had the tea set.

All the tea set items were $28 ranging from cakes to noodles.

I was really hungry so chose the chicken with rice, but luckily it was not available because I chose the burger instead which turned out to be delicious.
Hamburger (first order)

The burger was surprisingly delicious for someone who does not like beef.
It was grilled just right without a strong charred taste.
The patty was quite meaty but there were some bits that were unchewable and it was smothered with delicious ketchup and bbq sauce garnished with tomato and guerkins.
As for the potato wedges they were a bit too salty.
Hamburger (Second order):
The second burger was not as good as the first, the amount of wedges was stingy compared to the first plate and the burger itself was cold!
It just amazes me how two burgers can be so inconsistent on the same day and order.

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