Friday, June 21, 2013

Exclusive Glamorgan patties in Hong Kong

I have dined here so many times but not tried their A La Carte.

I tried it before and after renovation for their curry buffets which were absolutely delicious.

Thanks to the communications team for inviting me to try their A La Carte menu.

After analysing the menu, there were so many items that make you feel at home:

York Ham and Montgomery cheese toastie
Irish smoked salmon and soda bread ( I love soda bread)
Bucket of fat chips and curry sauce (yay, very british, chips and curry sauce)
Glamorgan patties (This seems to be the only place that does this)
Macaroni cheese
Cornish fish pie (I love fish pie)
Manchester tart and spoon of clotted cream (My fave at school)
Sticky toffee pudding (My fave at school)
Treacle tart (My fave at school)
Peanut butter mousse

Hopefully I will see Bubble and Squeak, clapshot on the menu someday because I really miss that and I shall make sure I will not miss the Robert burns night dinner as well!~
As well as Dicken's, The Chinnery does great British fare too (Scotch eggs, Welsh rarebit, Sherry trifle)!

Dicken's Bar is nicely laid out with the bar at one end and the other side for dining.

Heres what we tried:
Tale of two cities:

Made with mint leaves, lemon, apple juice and topped with ginger beer.
Dickens Tai Tai:
This was black tea with apple juice, fresh lemon, topped with ginger ale.

I loved this drink because it was refreshing and not too sweet.
York Ham and Montgomery cheese toastie

The portion of this was huge but it was simply delicious.
I know it is simply cheese and ham, but the York ham was soft and the saltiness was just right paired with deliciously melted montgomery cheese.
Glamorgan patties
(cheese and leek fritters served with apple cider salsa)

So far this is the only place in HK that I know serving these Glamorgan Patties.
They are filled with cheese and leek.
I tried them piping hot and the cheese inside was lovely and gooey, after it cooled down the filling was slightly firmer and the taste of cheese and leek was stronger.
Hence this is why I always say food tastes different at different temperatures.
Cornish fish pie

I loved the fish pie, there were chunks of delicious fish in rich dill sauce, the potato mash on top was baked to perfection and it was lovely and velvety.
Manchester tart with a spoon of clotted cream

Manchester tart is a traditional English baked tart consisting of a shortcrust pastry shell, spread with raspberry jam, covered with a custard filling and topped with flakes of coconut and berries.
The tart here was gorgeous with delicious custard and dessicated coconut.
On the side there is clotted cream too.
Anyone with a sweet tooth will love this because the raspberry jam and custard is delicious.
Knickerbocker glory with hot chocolate sauce
The knickerbocker glory served here was a luxurious version of my usual one at Beefeater.
The one I had as a child was served in a narrower glass with plain softserve drizzled with syrup on top.

The Knickerbocker here was loaded with so many berries and marshmallows.
It was a great dessert to share
Peanut butter mousse

This dessert is probably popular with the Americans because they have lots of confectionary that has peanut butter.
This is another MUST EAT dessert too if you love PB~
The taste of this was really dreamy and it does not have that dryness that peanut butter has.
It is extremely velvety and creamy.

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