Thursday, June 06, 2013

Fried chicken leg set for $25

Yat Yuet Sing Fast Food Shop (Kowloon Bay)

The fried chicken legs here are great so decided to get it again.

This time I got the set for $25 which has a drink, ham sandwich and fried chicken leg.

Chicken leg:The chicken was rather dry on this visit and it did not come off the bone easily.
It was difficult to eat because it was extremely hot and would not cool down in the hot weather.
It was nice of them to supply a disposable plastic glove so you didn't get your hands oily.
Ham sandwich:It was buttered bread with a slice of ham in the middle.

I took the ham out and put chicken, crispy chicken skin in it instead and the chicken sandwich tasted much nicer.

Drink:There was a choice of fizzy drinks, HK style tea or coffee which I do not drink but chose coke for the sake of choosing it and had a few sips.
It was fizzy unlike other places that serve flat drinks.

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