Friday, June 07, 2013

Smoked salmon croissant at Le Salon

Le Salon Restaurant et Croissanterie (Causeway Bay)

The croissant craze is finally over and they are no longer constantly out of stock.

They have special flavours every month and this time it is Smoked salmon.

During the craze they only sold about 10 -20 of the special flavours each day.

I never thought about trying the special flavour because the regulars flavours were sold out by 5pm in the past.

On this visit, there were quite a few croissants in the cabinet at 6pm, regular and special flavours.

The mango which used to be a special flavour has now become a standard flavour for mango lovers.

There was a croissant set for $45 so I got the set.

Salmon croissant:

The croissant was light with flakey layers, but the salmon filling was a bit too light and lacked salmon taste.

The sauce was basically made with flour which acted as a thickener in the sauce.
I could not even taste the onions or the egg as stated on the poster.
Chestnut croissant:
I got the chestnut again because this is the only place that does decent chestnut filling that is not starchy.
It tasted as good as before with light icing on top.
Earl Grey tea (large):The tea was really hot!

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