Monday, June 24, 2013

Venturing into a Chinese bakery Head Quarters for British pastry

Garden Restaurant (Sham Shui Po)

Garden Bakery is a Chinese Brand that produces bakery, confectionary and biscuits.

You can also buy their products at China towns worldwide which is how I know about this brand.

I used to like the chive crackers and was fascinated by their wafers.

Recently I found out about this restaurant through reviews, but nearly every big company has their own canteens, but it is a matter of whether it is open to the publlic and if it is listed on this database.

If I found out about this place earlier I would have gone sooner before the prices went up, so
the reviews are useful so keep them coming openricers!!

I wish someone could list canteens for TVB, Phoenix, ATV and Appledaily here too and review them. Last time I visited TVB I forgot to order milk and drank water instead.
At ATV, the canteen is on the top floor with the smoking area outside.

My main mission to Garden Bakery was to try the Cornish Pasty. I called to make sure they had it.
My first phonecall was not very sucessful because the lady who answered it did not know what a Cornish pasty was so I did not go that week, then I called again the next week and luckily that person knew what it was because it is their signature item!!!!

As I asked "Cornish Pasty" in English they probably didnt know which pie I meant as the Chinese for Cornish is quite weird "Hongyeexxx".

When I entered the building I was expecting a temperature scan as mentioned in the reviews, but as it was a Sunday, they were expecting diners more than random intruders.
I was so surprised the restaurant was nearly full, they even had a sign outside ready to say FULL HOUSE!!
The guard at the reception even advised disappointed guests to book in advance but as I was coming for the tea there were less people.
Lamb toastie:

The English for this was quite cute, it was called TOASTIEST.
Ordered this because not many toasties have lamb in it.
The toasty was just unbelievably delicious because it was buttered heavily and it seeped through the bread and it was toasted to crisp.

The lamb filling inside was moist and nicely flavoured with spices such as cumin, it was like having toast with delicious mongolian spices.
Cajun chicken croissant:

The Chinese for this was cute as well, it was called "K 津" the Chinese phonetics for Cajun!

Cajun is actually a spice that normally contains: paprika, cumin, salt, garlic, onion powder, black pepper, dried thyme, dried oregano, cayenne pepper, cardamom, caraway seeds, dried basil etc.
The croissant itself was really light and crispy and the pieces of chicken were like mini thin chicken steaks made with chicken thigh meat so it was extremely tender.
There were grilled aubergine slices beneath the chicken as well.
The chips seemed to have been fried twice.
Cornish pasty - Beef:

Before the prices went up, it used to cost $30 making it the cheapest Cornish Pasty in Hong Kong, now it costs $40 which is still theoretically the cheapest but the size of it is quite small.
There were also two choices: beef and herbs or minced pork and pumpkin.
The pork one is clearly not really British so I chose the beef.

The filling just contained beef and potatoes and the herbs were not strong enough.
Real Cornish pasties have suede and carrots in it too.

The top edges of the pastry where it was twisted was too thick.
Although the cornish pasty was not as good as the one at Queen Victoria, it was fun making a trip to the Garden Headquarters.
Cold Coffee:
Too sweet!
It was nice the milk was served separate because it was condensed milk which would have made it Hong Kong styled tea if I added it.
The black tea was slightly bitter as it was the Chinese type of tea.
Interesting menu translations:
The English for toastie was quite cute, it was called TOASTIEST.
The Chinese for this was cute as well, it was called "K 準" the Chinese phonetics for Cajun!
For Cornish, the Chinese was Hongyeexxx.


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