Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Chillax = Chill and Relax?

Chillax 818 Coffee (Mong Kok)

I believe the name of this place Chillax is supposed to mean Chill and relax.

However I probably went on a wrong day! It was really hot that day so I decided to go in for some drinks and dine there.

When I went, there were not many people there.
I wanted to sit at the table at the back because I was going to order food but there was someone there who I thought was a customer but it turned out to be their staff.

I did not find this joint welcoming because they did not offer potential customers a decent table to dine.

It was impossible to sit on the seats near the entrance because it was practically too hot and there was lovely Carbon dioxide coming off from the mini buses with their idling engines still on as well as toxic second hand smoke.

There was a glass cabinet displaying the cakes, danishes and food.

In the end I ordered a rice and a danish and sat on the bar table.

When I was ordering the praline danish, I had to verbally make sure it was the square one because they put the labels the wrong way round and after I told them the labelling was the wrong way round, they still did not change it over (not that I care..).

Chicken masala rice:
I really liked it but not many people ordered it because when it was in the cabinet, there was a lid which made it hard to see the contents, but I managed to get a glimpse of yellow rice and brown rice so I ordered it.
This dish was very creative because it had yellow rice which reminded me of pilau rice.

It also had my favourite yellow zucchini which had a great paste.
Within the rice, there were cumin seeds too which added to the great flavour and masala sauce was great too, but there was not enough sauce to finish the rice.
The major complaint was that it was not heated thoroughly and the rice and chicken in the middle was not hot enough.
It was unbelievable having luke warm food on a hot day, perfect for food poisoning!
Praline danish:
This was delicious but I was given just a fork which was useless because the base was really tough and after I asked them for a knife it was much easier, but the base was quite tough and hard to cut.
The danish itself was delicious and the praline filling tasted similar to light caramel taste.

Green tea latte:
I do not drink coffee so I ordered the green tea latte but after browsing the menu while I realised there was wild cherry tea which is probably even better.

The best thing about the latte was that you could have a non sweetened version.
As a wrap up, the food was great but it was extremely uncomfortable dining there, especially on the bar tables because of the hot air coming from the entrance and the cramped high stools coming from a skinny person.

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