Monday, June 17, 2013

Fresh milk softserve icecream

Milk Top (Kowloon Bay)

Thanks to AA for treating me to softserve icecream at Milk Top.

I did not know there was Milk Top at Kowloon bay which serves softserve as well because I thought they only did the scoops and tubs.

Here the fresh milk softserve costs $20 and it is huge!

The only flaw is their softserve machine, it cannot cope with serving more than two softserves at a time so you have to wait a few minutes for the softserve machine to work!!!

As for the taste it was really nice and milky, it was icy cold too because it was quite icy.
The sweetness was just right and not too sweet and tastes similar to the White rabbit milk sweet!
While I was there, someones icecream went splat!
(unlucky for them )


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