Friday, June 07, 2013

Too cute! must see and must try Babyccinos

Pacific Coffee Company (Wan Chai)

I was always curious what the Babyccinos were on the Kid's menu so I finally decided to try them both.

There were two choices: Babyccino and Babychoccino.

The Babyccino is basically steamed milk and the Babychoccino is steamed milk with chocolate.


The drink was seriously cute when it came, the size of the cup is probably the size used for coffee shots with a lovely big foam cap on the top.

Unfortunately I was not able to photograph it there but I did for the other drink.
The taste was really nice, there was a temperature difference, the first sip was warm and and it gets colder nearer the bottom.
I felt that it was quite sweet so the sugar in this is probably the daily intake of sugar in normal sized beverage.

After I finished it, there was lots of lovely chocolate flavoured froth left.

This was basically steamed milk. I do not like plain milk so I added cinnamon powder to it which got rid of the plain milk taste.
I hope to see in future more flavours or perhaps they can sell a Rainbowcino set with five of these cute babyccinos in different flavours eg Rasberry, Green tea, Caramel, Hazelnut and Chocolate!

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