Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Interesting dishes at King's Dumpling

King's Dumpling (Tsim Sha Tsui)

Previously dined at King's Dumpling but the choices that they chose were different.

On this visit tried the other items.

In my mind the dumplings here are Shanghainese style but there were a few items on the menu which made me think they were Taiwanese so tried them as well.

Rice tube pudding:
The tube pudding is a must try because the rice is very tasty, spiced up with the chili sauce.
Tomato and egg with noodles:

The noodles were appetizing with rich tomato and egg sauce, however I would prefer the tomatoes to be more tart and the sauce to be less sweet.
Steamed crab meat dumplings:

The dumplings were really nice bursting with crab meat broth inside.
Red bean cake:

The red bean cake looked nice in the previous reviews so ordered it.
The texture was interesting, it was chewy with red bean paste in the middle.
Pork and vegetable wonton:

The dumpling skin was a bit thick but the pork and vegetable filling inside was nice, there was a good balance of chopped vegetables and pork.
Steamed vegetable dumplings:

This was my favourite because the vegetables inside were sliced ultra fine and it had glass vermicelli and black fungas in it as well giving it a nice crisp crunch.
Three-Cup Chicken:

This was another nice dish which was quite spicy with strong fragrant basil taste.
Pan-fried dumplings:

The pan fried dumplings reminded me of the Taiwanese ones because the shape was long and thin.
The dumplings were nice and crispy on the outside and the pork filling was tasty inside.

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