Friday, June 21, 2013

Light delights from Pret A Manger

Pret A Manger (Admiralty)

Thanks to Pret and their communications team for sending me some redemptions letters because I could not attend their tasting held on a weekday.

I tried the new duck salad, salmon cream cheese wrap, lychee panna cotta, cherries yogurt bowl and the lemonades.

Pret A Manger is actually British even though it has a French name meaning ready to eat.

It has always been my favourite for items like strawberry fool, rhubarb dessert and carrot cake.

Sesame duck salad

The salad consisted of duck in sesame sauce, greens and a pieces of flat bread.
There was a tub of sesame sauce too for the greens.
It was really enjoyable eating this because it was similar to eating peking duck with pancakes but with sesame sauce.
It was light and refreshing, great for lunch.
Lychee Panacotta

The balance of panna cotta and lychee jelly were perfect.
The lychee jelly was natural and fragrant with the right level of sweetness.
Passion fruit flavoured iced lemonade

I have always liked the lemonade at Pret because it is made with real lemon juice.
It had a nice shot of passionfruit syrup in it which gave it more dimension.
Salmon and cream cheese wrap

The wrap had smoked salmon and cream cheese which were delicious.
It was a satisfying and delicious wrap.
Cherries Yoghurt bowl

The yoghurt on top was lovely and tart because it was natrual yoghurt and it paired nicely with the sweet cherry sauce at the bottom.
Grapefruit flavoured iced lemonade

There were three flavours of lemonade: grapefruit, passionfruit and apple.
This was my favourite because the colour of pink grapefruit is pretty and the mix of lemon and grapefruit were nice.

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