Thursday, June 20, 2013

Minimum $12 spenditure per person

通達食店 (Yau Ma Tei)

Had a dessert tasting that day, so decided to dine here before going.

I used to eat here a lot because the fried snacks and fish shaomai are good.

When i got there, I realised they do not serve fried snacks, so I only ordered Fish Shaomai.
After ordering they said I couldnt just order shaomai because there is a minimum spending of $12 per person.

Since there were no fried snacks, I ordered two portions.

Hopefully at their other branch they still do fried snacks as I regret not taking photos of the fried snacks.

Fish shaomai:

The fish shaomai were chewy and made with lots of flour.
There was not much fish taste or fish meat in it which was good because there was less chance of grounded bones in it.

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