Thursday, June 20, 2013

I love Yue Man Lok !!!

Happyfisherman Restaurant (Tai Kok Tsui)

Thanks to Happyfisherman Restaurant and Mjqueen7e for inviting me to this restaurant.
I was really looking forward to this place because I like fish and I have always wanted to try
this style of food ever since reading reviews from 魚鱻魚湯專門店.

The restaurant was interesting because it was Chinese style but on the seating side, there were lots of quotes from the Bible.

I was not familiar with this cuisine so Mjqueen7e ordered.

Taiwanese style salt and pepper cuttlefish patties:

I liked the shape of these because they were easier to eat.
There were delicious pieces of cuttlefish in the patties flavoured with light salt and pepper sprinkled on its surface.
It was fried just right and golden brown.
Wontons with spicy sauce:

This was one of my favourites because it tastes different from other restaurants.
There is hint of Chinese vinegar in it which made it appetizing.
Initially I thought it was lime but they said it was Chinese vinegar.
Chicken and Wontons in fish broth:

The broth was sweet and delicious and the chicken was tender, it was really helpful of them to slice the chicken for us.
It was chicken leg too which was why it was lovely and tender.
The portion size of this was great because it can be shared between 2-3 people.
The best thing about this was that there was no chicken oil on the surface.
Carp in fish soup with Chinese rice buccatini:

Before trying the fish soup I was worried there were bones or scales in soup, but there were none.
The fish was really nice that we ended up trying another fish below.
The fish and broth was nicely paired with buccatini.
Buccatini has a hole in the middle which retains the soup when you eat it which makes it more flavourful.
The fish did not have an unpleasent smell when it cooled down.
Fish with rice in broth:

The second fish we had tasted nicer because the broth was sweeter as it had sweetcorn in the broth too.
This time had rice with it, which was also good because the rice they used was the pearl type and does not absorb the soup and go mushy.
As well as fish soup, you can also choose fish and tomato broth which I shall try next time.
Beef in Sichuan style chili:

Although this dish was too hot for us, it was worth trying as I end up never ordering this because I keep thinking it is too spicy.
It looks like the whole pot is filled with red chili hot liquid because the top is red but beneath it is actually a soupy broth that is not so spicy.
7-up with salted lemon:
The drink was not as good as the ones I have tried at the other places because the Salted lemon did not have much flavour despite breaking crushing it.
At the moment there are huge queues for this place, but luckily they have opened another branch nearby.

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