Sunday, June 16, 2013

Bangkok Thai Restaurant in Wan Chai

Bangkok Thai Restaurant (Wan Chai)

There are lots of Bangkok Thai Restaurants in Hong Kong and now one more has opened in Wan Chai.
It can get quite busy at lunch times so be sure to queue early.

Thanks to Bangkok Thai Restaurant and Mjqueen7e for inviting me to this tasting Dinner.

I was quite surprised that they employ Thai staff too.

Here was what we tried.
Fried lychee prawn

This is a new item and not on the menu yet, the appearance looks like fried prawns, but inside there is a sweet juicy plump lychee.
I loved this because lychee and prawn tasted so good together and it was light and refreshing.
Satay skewers

There were chicken, pork and beef accompanied with delicious satay sauce that was slightly spicy.
The chicken was lovely and tender and the beef was grilled nicely.
Tom Yum Kung soup

The taste of the Tom Yum Kung soup was really nice, there was a nice balance of spices and a hint of tomato.
Thai grapefruit salad

For the grapefruit salad, they use green skin grapefruits because it has a crisp texture and is not stringy.
The grapefruit was crisp and sweet which paired nicely with the prawns and mini dried shrimps.
Charcoal grilled chicken Pattaya style

The chicken was grilled nicely with delicious crispy skin.
Some people said it was dry but I had the thigh part which was just right.
Fried crab in basil sauce

When it came it looked like a crab freshly fished from the ocean covered in algae which was actually fried basil leaves.
There was generous basil sauce too which I used to dip the garlic bread.
The crab was really really nice with the basil sauce so I hope to come back again some other time and order one just for myself.
Yellow beef curry

The yellow beef curry was sweet and not spicy accompanied with delicious crispy garlic bread.
Baked rice with taro

The rice was nice and filling with lots of taro cubes in it and sliced mushrooms.
It was very fragrant and satisfying.
Sticky Rice with Mango and Coconut Milk

There was glutinous rice and purple glutinous rice in this dessert and it had a lovely light coconut scent.
Thai Desserts Platter

The dessert patter was great because the sweetness for all the items were just right, and it had cassava roots which is rare in Hong Kong, it tastes similar to potato but slightly sweet.
Guava soda

A lot of the drinks were tempting such jackfruit milkshake and young coconut but the guava soda was different so I ordered that.
It was refreshing and fizzy with guava pieces at the bottom.
The restaurant is nice and spacious, suitable for large and small groups.


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