Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Festive crystal Zongzi at Sushi Take Out

Sushi Take Out (Tseung Kwan O)

Went to get some sushi and was surprised to see they had Zongzis in a Sushi shop!

There were two flavours for the Zongzis, grapefruit and red bean, distinguished by the coloured band.
Grapefruit was orange and sesame was purple.
Grapefruit crystal zongzi:

The Zongzi's here were only $6 each which is the cheapest I have seen so far.
But the taste was too sweet.
Although it was too sweet, the zongzi did not stick to the leaf and you could see the filling inside the translucent zongzi.

The grapefruit tasted really artificial and sweet, and the filling was very starchy with pureed mung beans in it.
Salmon sushi:

The sushi looked good because I thought it was mayonnaise drizzled on top but it was sweet salad cream which ruined it.
Octopus sushi:

I do not often see a plain octopus tentacles for sushi at this place so tried it and it was quite nice and I also got the octopus wasabi salad which is also good because the wasabi and octopus taste good together.

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