Saturday, June 08, 2013

Plain simple cake at Harlan's

Harlan's Cake Shop (Tsim Sha Tsui)

I have always wanted to try Harlan's but never got round to it because the cake selection is not as good as before.

As I had time before a tasting nearby I only found one of their cakes attractive so tried that cake.

I was attracted to the green one with strawberries but I did not know what it was prior ordering because there was no label for just that cake!

They used to have this pretty cake called the Five Senses and this other green one called Mint Chocolate which I wanted to try to but they did not have it either.

It took a while to get served because there was only one person at the counter while the customer being served was really indecisive on their choices.

Anyway, finally got served and ordered the strawberry cake and found out that it was Green tea and strawberry cake.

All three tables were low in height which made it extremely uncomfortable to dine there because the table level was just lower than the chair seating and the average persons knees.

Green tea and strawberry cake:
The cake had a nice plump red glazed strawberry on top garnished with crushed pistachio pieces.
The cream was white and fluffy and did not taste artificial.

There was a nice balance of cream, ripe strawberry slices in the middle but the green tea cake was surprisingly hard and coarse. The texture was quite dense too but the green tea taste was not too grassy.

I felt that the cake was slightly over priced because the one I chose was not that fancy and the location of this place was not that nice as it was right beside an escalator.

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