Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Lunch sets @ Hatsu

Hatsu Japanese Restaurant (Admiralty)

Tried the lunch sets at Hatsu.

It is located in Admiralty for fine Japanese dining.

There were some interesting displays with colourful fuzzy statues.

Tried the fish set and the set below.

Set B:

This set was really filling and good for children to share because there are two bowls of rices.
On the right is the minced fatty tuna with spring onions on top of the rice and on the left it is salmon roe, sea urchin on rice.
On top of that there was a choice of soba, udon or soup.
The steamed egg was really silky and smooth.
For someone with a big appetite I recommend either one of these A,B, C sets.
Fish set:

The fish set was quite good served with steamed egg, rice, salad, soup and Japanese pickles.
If the fish was less salty it would be great.
Green tea icecream:

I loved the green tea icecream because the milk taste was strong and the green tea taste was not grassy.

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