Friday, May 31, 2013

Stir fried fish noodles

Di Di Xiang (Mong Kok)

On my last visit the noodles made of fish were sold out so tried it this time.

It was about 7pm and most of the noodles and items were nearly sold out, I got the last of the cuttlefish egg patty and the Chaozhou style noodles.

Pan fried cuttlefish egg:

When they came they had a slightly golden surface which was good because they were not burnt.
They had a really delicate taste and it was slightly sweet. I did not use the sweet chili sauce on it because I felt that vinegar or chili oil was a better complement.
The major let down was that the pan frying oil or the pan that was used had a rancid oil taste which really ruined the cuttlefish egg because the oil taste was very prominent.
As for the texture, it was so soft and foamy but if you compare it to marshmallow it does not melt in your mouth and it is firmer. The texture is really similar to those Japanese white pillows at 三河屋 MIKAWAYA and Issei Nabe.
Cuttlefish eggs are much bigger compared to fish roe, they are liquid filled sacks, which are grounded to make these!
As this is a rare item there are no other cuttlefish eggs in Hong Kong that I can compare to, so I do not know if that was how they were meant to taste.
Special sauce with chaozhou handmade noodles:

The noodles came with soup, but the soup was too salty.

The sauce on the noodles were quite nice, there was so much grounded sesame seeds in it and it was slightly sour. The noodles tasted much better this time.
Stirred fried fish noodles:
Although the restaurant calls them noodles, they are basically fishball slices cut into really thin long slices like noodles.
The taste and texture is the same as fishball slices.
It is basically fine if you don't think of them as noodles and the thin stalked celery they used had a really strong taste grassy taste.

I loved the generous spring onions and they were present in every spoon I took.
Although the soup was very white looking like fish soup, it tasted like pork bone soup with a sharp pepper taste.
There are other branches of this in China and they are a fishball manufacturer in China.

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