Tuesday, November 19, 2013

30% Extra large scary-big-boorrito for Halloween

Little Burro (Causeway Bay)

Although my first experience at Little Burro was crap, I went again because I was craving for that salsa and lime rice.

For Halloween, they had just the thing I wanted!

The Halloween special was an extra large Burrito filled with their signature lime rice, slow cooked lamb shoulder, roasted pumpkin, a hint of spice and salsa.

Luckily this burrito was extra large because I would not have been full if it was the normal one!

There were still a few things Little Burro could have improved on.

There was a bottle of water on the table, so I believe it was for people to drink, however there were no cups about.
I saw one of the customers go to the counter and ask them for a cup so I did the same.
If they intend to give customers water, why don't they put cups on the table.
What's more frustrating is that if there is a queue, then you need to wait for the queue to die down before you can ask them for a cup.

Anyway, here was my Halloween burrito!
I knew it was big, but I was actually quite shocked at how big it was!
The diameter was about the same as the bottle above!

Because of the size, the burrito was quite difficult to eat, I ended up eating the rice and fillings in the middle with a fork then eating the soft tortilla wrap.

The burrito tasted amazing though, packed with spices in every mouthful, with pieces of lamb, pumpkin, beans, lettuce, diced tomato and soft rice.

When I got to the bottom of the burrito, it was soggy!

The lamb was microwaved before serving just like Foodcraver said.

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