Saturday, November 16, 2013

Disappointed with the food at the White Stag

White Stag (Wan Chai)

Came here on a rainy day because there were not many people dining there.

I have been longing to go since my last visit but it is always packed with people.

Managed to get a nice seat in the corner.

I liked their menu, everything was clearly listed, it tells you what salad and what soup it is.

Fairly good since you get drinks, dessert, and a starter for $79 with no service charge.
Baguette slices:

The baguette slices tasted ok, they were basically frozen baguettes that were not toasted.
Creamy potato and leek soup:

Too creamy for my liking
Coleslaw salad:

This was good, a decent portion of coleslaw on a bed of lettuce, cucumber and tomatoes.
Chili con carne:

This was really disappointing, it was not even spicy.
It just tasted of bolognaise sauce with kidney beans and tasteless peppers.
Cordon bleu:

It looked like a cordon bleu inside out and I have never seen it presented in that way before.

The chicken meat was chunky and there was not much ham in the middle.
From this picture, you can see chicken breast only.

Basically the same as Devil's advocate, they had chocolate or carrot which were mois and soft.

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