Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Sea Salt King

Been here quite a few times and every time I have the Green King because it tastes the best.

They have other special flavours such as Prawn, Curry etc but they are always sold out when I get there.

On this visit, they had Sea Salt King which is limited to 30 bowls per day so I tried that.

I was so lucky I did not have to queue that day.
Sea Salt King:
The broth was really nice because it was not that salty despite being mainly salt flavoured.
However the noodles were a bit too soft and stuck to each other and there was a heavy floury taste which was infused into the broth.
Fruit Vinegar:

There was fruit vinegar on the table which had pieces of apple in it.
After putting some on the noodles it became more appetizing and the vinegar had a nice apple taste.

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