Saturday, November 02, 2013

Fermented beancurd spread on toast at Loyal Dining

Loyal Dining (Central)

Went here because some of the dishes were quite Western and some were quite local to satisfy someone requiring some Chinese food!

Heres what we had
Toast with fermented beancurd and white sugar:
來佬厚多士 ( 腐乳砂糖 )

Chose this because it was weird, but not that weird because I used to spread fermented beancurd on bread.
The fermented beancurd they used was quite good because there was no weird aftertaste and it was pleasant.
I would prefer it without the sugar because savoury and sweet tastes are weird together.
Foie gras with Char Siu and a fried egg:

It was interesting having roast pork and foie gras together so thats why we ordered it.
The foie gras was how it should be, not overly exciting but the roast pork was good, not too salty or sweet.
I was impressed because it came with spring onion sauce which usually comes with chicken.
Beef Wellington:
威靈頓 66 伴薯菜

This dish was surprised me too because it was properly Western with gravy and even a BAKED potato with sour cream and bacon bits.
The beef in the middle was tender and juicy complimented by the light puff pastry on the outside.

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