Friday, November 29, 2013

Start a sweet autumn with Chestnut cakes

Maxim's Cake Shop (Central)
Thanks to the lovely PR agency who did a great job promoting the new Chestnut series at Maxims.
It was so nice of them to give us a teaser with a bag of chestnut magnets with a chestnut shaped helium balloon.

They reminded me of conkers, and they would be invincible too because they are made of metal.
Before these chestnut cakes were launched, chestnut to me just meant conkers and chestnut stuffing.

In the Maxim's new chestnut range there were chestnut tarts and chestnut cakes!

Here was what I tried.
Chestnut and marshmallow tart:

Delicious butter based tart base filled with chestnuts and a marshmallow centre covered in delicious chestnut cream.
The starchy chestnut cream and marshmallow were a dreamy pairing.
Shandong chestnut, purple potato and sweet potato cake mini:
This was my favourite one in the series because it was really pretty, decorated with a ring of purple sweet potato on the outside.

There are three delicious layers in the middle, the top is chestnuts, the second layer is Okinawa purple sweet potato and the third layer is kagoshima golden sweet potato.

There was a good balance of filling to the cakes.
The fillings were really silky and the sweetness was not cloyingly sweet and the sweet potatoes just enhanced it even more.
Shandong chestnut almond crispy cake:

This is seriously for chestnut lovers, a cake filled with crushed chestnut puree, chestnut cream on a delicious crispy base with cotton soft cake in the middle.

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