Saturday, November 23, 2013

The Globe disappointed me

Previously heard so many positive comments about this place and their food, but I never got round to trying it because I didn't know where it was.
Finally found out where it was located and was recommended this place again by a Scottish Chef who owns a place that serves breakfast as well.
Since a Scot recommended this place to me, I was quite confident about recommending it on an article for their Christmas meals especially since they had Bubble and Squeak.
But to be safe, I felt I had to try it out first.
Checked their online menu and was elated to see WHITE PUDDING offered for Brunch from 12-3pm on weekends and public holidays.
Got there at 2pm and the waitress said brunch had ended, so called the manager up later in the evening to ask about Brunch times and he said that she had given me the wrong information so I decided to give it another go and went a week later.

Basically you can either choose from the menu or see what pies they have available on the boards.

Ordered a pie which was a must and ordered the breakfast because of the white pudding!
The one and only place in Hong Kong that serves white pudding.
[White pudding or oatmeal pudding is a meat dish popular in Scotland and Ireland, similar to black pudding, but does not include blood. Consists of pork meat and fat, suet, bread, and oatmeal formed into the shape of a large sausage.]
After I ordered, I was told there was no White pudding so changed it to black!
I wish I just left it because black pudding is available at other places and it does not cost as much as this place which sells it for $35 per slice.

The Globe breakfast:
Apart from the black pudding, I was also pissed with the egg and bacon.
As you can see, the edge of the black pudding is missing so I was a bit annoyed because the star of the show cost $35.

Then the second thing that annoyed me was the fried egg (sunny side up), you could see the egg white was was crispy and brown!
If I wanted an egg like that I would go to a damn Chinese Cafe, and get a Chinese fried egg.
The frying pan seemed to have bits in it before they fried the bacon because it turned out quite black too.

Beef, beer and mushroom pie:

The pie was amazing as expected, and the mash was creamy and buttery.
On a sweeter note, they had jars of sweets for sale.

There were dandelion and burdock, humbugs, fruit salads, banana chews, giant gobstoppers, blackjacks, aniseed balls!!
They had pickled items too.

Photos of The Globe:

At the entrance, it was quite cute that they used a Chinese ceramic pot with the handle broken off for fag ash and butts.

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