Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Chinese French food

Le Monde d' Ulysse (Restaurant Galerie) (Central)

The lunch is only served Mondays to Fridays so don't dream of trying lunch on the weekends!

They do not take reservations for lunch but when I was in the restaurant there were clearly some people who reserved by phone and they won't let you in unless all your guests have arrived but when I was dining there, there was someone sitting at a table waiting for friends to arrive.

Nice and contradicting.

I just felt that the food here was Chinese styled French food~

Foie Gras:

The Chinese French style omelette was lovely but not enough foie gras.
I was hoping to photograph the foie gras bits but I only found 2-3 small pieces.
In terms of the Chinese omelette, it was very well done, the texture and taste was amazing, it was half runny and cooked.
Only the girl who spoke good English was nice.

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