Friday, November 29, 2013

Tasting at Yakichi

I don't often dine on the Kowloon side but came here because I was invited to try their food.

Apart from this restaurant, I have tried other restaurants managed by the same group which were good.

I liked this restaurant because it is located on the second floor and most of the tables have a lots of privacy.
Theres nothing more annoying than being able to hear the conversation nearby and having to shout because the restaurant is noisy.

As we tried so much food, there were lots of photos, hence three reviews to show what we ate.
This was a tasting, hence the portions sizes may be bigger so that everyone could try it instead of giving us two portions of the same dish.

Photos of the restaurant:
There were many nice sitting areas with good privacy, there were room private rooms as well with tatamis.


Pickles to go with the sake:

A nice selection of pickles, the green looking one was actually pickled aubergine.
Seafood selection:

Nodoguro half sashimi:

The Nodoguro was seared so that the oily skin becomes crispy and the fish is less oily to eat.
The texture and taste was quite pleasant enhanced by the lemon.

Nice appetizer of mushrooms in mentaiko.
Scallop carpaccio:

Beautifully presented scallop carpaccio that was fresh, sweet and did not really need any other sauces.
Sashimi platter:

As you can see there was a nice selection of sashimi, my favourite was the botan shrimp, scallops and the Canadian urchin which was just divine.
Marinated tomato and octopus:

The marinated octopus was really nice because the tomato slices and lemon made it really appetizing.
Okinawa chicken tofu salad:

I loved the chicken salad, especially the tofu and the portion was really.
Deep fried shrimp:

These fried shrimps were nice and crispy perfect with drinks.
In the middle there was some meaty prawn meat which was nice.
Minced Okinawa chicken ball:

The chicken balls were smaller than anticipated but they were delicious because it was delicately minced chicken with sweet teriyaki sauce on it.
Grilled fish roe:

The grilled fish roe was quite nice and not as salty as other places with a dry texture.
Grilled ox tongue:

Did not try this.
Okinawa chicken roll:

The chicken roll was quite nice but a little dry but the prune sauce made up for it because it was nice and tangy.
Bitter gourd pancake:

I wish there was more bitter gourd in the pancake to taste it, other than that it tasted nice with sauce.
Fried okinawa tofu:

Lovely crispy tofu with salt on the side.
Fried Okinawa chicken tartar sauce:

The chicken was nicely done with a thin crispy coating covered in vinegar sauce and the tofu salad on the side was really nice, it was made of mashed tofu.
Okinawa AGU pork salad:

Refreshing salad with pork which was similar to the chicken salad.
Stir fried chicken with bitter gourd:

The chicken was really sweet because they stir fried it with leeks.
Sea urchin with black baguette toast:

This was another must eat item, the sea urchins they serve here are from Canada which are full of flavour and melt in your mouth.
Seafood hotpot:

A vibrant assortment of seafood bubbling away, the crab and salmon tasted the best.
udon for hotpot:

After eating most of the items in the pot, the broth was perfect for udon because all the flavours are concentrated in the broth which made the udon was really tasty.
Squid ink Okinawa noodles:

These noodles were amazing and must be tried.
Nicely flavoured and al-dente.
Ice cream (salt flavour):

Nice icecream with subtle salt taste and not very sweet.

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