Monday, November 25, 2013

Fishalicious Fish tacos

Seasalt (Mid-Levels)

"one man's misfortune is another man's gain"

Found out about the new fish tacos through an unfortunate reviewer who didn't get a chance to try the fish tacos.

Before I went, I called to make sure they were still serving them.

LUCKILY they answered the phones because when they first opened, they did not answer the phones.

Outside the shop, there was a board promoting the Fish Tacos.

From Monday to Friday, there are other offers going on, please refer to the Weekly deals.

The restaurant decor was much the same as my previous visit.

It was nice of them to provide water as well.

Fish Tacos:

The strip of fish was covered uniformly in batter and fried nicely.
The coating was crispy and thin just like tempura.
I really liked the fish taco because of the sauce was extremely acid with a very hot fiery kick balanced by the julienne crunch of purple cabbage and chopped coriander with piping hot fish in the middle.


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