Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Macallan 12 Years Whisky ice-cream at Urban Bakery Works

Urban Bakery Works (Central)

**This is not a tasting***

Heard that they had Macallan 12 Years Whisky ice-cream so I went there especially for it.

There was another icecream flavour but I couldn't hear what the heck it was and there was no menu because it was new.

Nice decor:

Nice spoon which is actually plastic and not metal!

Same for the knives and forks:

Sitting area:

Other bits and bobs:

A napkin similar to Beautifood's sassy napkin that says "Call me" with a pink lipstick mark!

Macallan 12 Years Whisky ice-cream:

Smooth with a pleasant whisky taste, but the whisky was not strong and representative enough because it was a bit like Baileys flavoured icecream.
Quite pricey for $50 but my scoop looks bigger than the one in HKE's review.

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