Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Apple fritters at Dumpling Pro

Dumpling Pro (Wan Chai)

While I was making my way to a tasting, I stumbled upon this restaurant.

I was surprised they had apple fritters so I went in imediately to try them because I had an hour to kill before the tasting.

I have always wanted to try this famous eatery for dumplings but this place is in the middle of nowhere and the logo of this shop put me off!

It was too stylish for traditional Beijing food, but inside it was normal.

Sat down, and the waitress was surprisingly nice and asked if I wanted to sit at another table because the air conditioning was cold at that table.

So I changed tables and ordered the apple fritters.

After ordering, she gave orders to the other staff to buy red apples because they do not stock the fruit.

Before she left, I had it changed to green apples because I prefer sour apples.
If you prefer sweet apples, go for the red.

They also do banana fritters as well as sweet potato fritters.

There were mainly two groups of people dining there: Westerners and Mainlainders with a heavy Northern accent.

Green Apple fritters:

I was so glad I finally found a place that does apple fritters.
There is another place in Causeway bay, but they probably expect you to have dinner or order other items as well.

The apple fritters were gorgeous, they taste the same as the ones in the UK.
Crispy candied coating with piping hot apple inside.
I loved the perfect balance of the hot mushy tart apple against the sweet crisp coating.
If there was cream or ice-cream, that would be heaven!!

I will definitely come back for the apple fritters and try their other dishes too!


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