Tuesday, November 19, 2013

A cool start to winter with Godiva's softserve

Godiva Chocolatier (Central)

Winter is not cold in Hong Kong, so it's the best time for icecream to give you that winter feeling!

I have always wanted to try Godiva's softserve but I have not been near any branch that serves them.

Anyway, their Christmas exclusive caught my attention so when I went in, I realized they had the soft serve so I got one immediately.
Godiva's chocolate soft serve:
It was hygienic of them to put on rubber gloves when they served you the soft serve.

At first it did not really impress me but suddenly the taste was really addictive.
It was creamy and the chocolate taste was strong but the temperature of the soft serve itself is not that cold, it won't give you a brain freeze.
The soft serve was just like a solid mass of smooth liquid icecream in a cone.
The surface of the soft serve was flawless and uniformly smooth.
Strawberry truffle:

The texture of the strawberry truffle filling was more like strawberry creme and the strawberry taste was a bit artificial.

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