Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Brunch at Central Indian Restaurant

Central Indian Restaurant (Sheung Wan)

Came here for the brunch where they have unlimited rice and naan only, but since the curries are quite small, you can't really take advantage of that because there is no curry left.

The menu seemed to have a lot of choices but it was limited because there was not much too choose from.

On every table there was a bottle of Bonaqua which was not free, but they don't tell you.


Tried better naans before and I didn't like the naans here because they were sweet.
Mutter mushroom:
green peas, mushroom in tomato and onion sauce

The curry was ok, nice chunks of mushrooms and fresh peas but not exciting.
The potato filling in the samosa was nice but the pastry was too oily
Lime soda:

Didn't like it because there was a strong lemongrass taste.

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