Saturday, November 02, 2013

Disappointing breakfast at The News Room

The News Room (Quarry Bay)

Before my visit to The News Room, I have always thought of it as a place for quality food.
Came here randomly for breakfast and regretted not taking photos of the menu.

The description for Newsroom breakfast was: tomato, egg, Toulouse sausage, Baguette, Bacon, Black pudding, potato rosti, mushroom and baked beans.

The baguette was the tiniest baguette I have seen in my life, it was merely bigger than the sausage!

The potato rosti was a stupid cold hash brown!
(potato rosti is basically grated potatoes fried into a round or irregular shape).

As for the black pudding, it was the thinnest sliced black pudding you could ever get.

The baked beans were not the Heinz brand and the Toulouse sausage was not my cup of tea.

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