Friday, November 15, 2013

A good Salmon burger at TAKE Japanese Take-away Shop

TAKE Japanese Take-away Shop (Wan Chai)

I rarely walk down this road because there are too many pedestrians on this narrow pavement and it stinks of second hand smoke and fumes from heavy traffic going past made worse by traffic jams.

Anyway, I had to stop walking for a few seconds because of some slow walkers infront of me and discovered this tiny joint.

I only noticed it because of the burgers.

I was surprised to see that it was a small sushi joint doing burgers as well.

It was helpful they had English menus but not all the items are listed.

Anyway, ordered the salmon burger for $38 and I didn't realise it came with potato wedges.

There were three different salmon burgers:
-Seared salmon burger
-Spicy Salmon sashimi burger
-Salmon sashimi burger with a bamboo sauce.
{It seems to say bamboo sauce (juk-jeung) on the poster}

I opted for the seared salmon burger.
Seared salmon burger:

The bun was really good, it was a fresh springy wheat bun with crushed oats and wheat on top.
It was much better than those lifeless plastic buns you get at other local places.

There was sliced cucumber in the burger which added to the refreshing taste but they were not sliced properly because the pieces were still attached to each other.
Beneath that, there were slices of seared salmon.
The salmon burger was amazing because the salmon was seared just right complemented by the cooling cucumber and wasabi mayonnaise.
Potato wedges:

The potato wedges were not memorable but the frying oil was fresh so the potato wedges tasted ok.
Previously I tried the salmon burger at MOS which was good but the second time I had it, the salmon was over cooked.

Supplementary Information:Salmon burger at MOS:

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