Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Bao fight coming soon

I only eat Chinese steamed buns if the quality is good but the ones you get in dim sum places are filled with fatty meat or fillings that are too sweet.

Now there is Little Bao which turns the boring steamed buns into burgers.

When I first saw the logo, it reminded me of the Jolibee logo and Chipmunks merged into one.

The menu is simple, some dishes for sharing, baos and dessert.

I was there for the Bao only so I tried the chicken one.
Chicken Bao:
Chicken, black vinegar glaze, szechuan mayo, napa cabbage, coleslaw.

It was definitely dinky and lives up to its name Little Bao.

I loved the texture of the steamed but, it was soft but not too soft that it held together well as a burger bun and the filling in the middle was amazing.
The crispy chicken was delicious with the tart medley of julienne cabbage and coleslaw with a gorgeous creamy taste that got jazzed up with szechuan mayo.
The szechuan mayo did not have a fiery tone but had a slow tingling sensation that accumulated when you finished the bun and there was a fragrant taste of szechuan peppercorn.
The only flaw was that it was not hot enough and to me it felt like an appetizer.
Anyway, there will be a similar Steamed bun shop coming up soon in Wan Chai, called Bao Wao.
They will make their 1st public appearance at PEZ HKC from 1830pm - 2030pm on the 15th November (one night only, $38 per bao).
During the opening period in Wan Chai, it will be HK$58 for 2 Baos.
As well as that I will be looking forward to their Asian poutine which will be taro fries topped with cheese and Korean style beef!
Restaurant: Little bao

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