Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Divine Filipino Ube milkshake

Cinta J Express (Wan Chai)

This place is normally closed during lunch, but it was open so I tried their set lunches.

There were four choices which were not really Filipino style but were Chinesey.
Tried the Pancit bihon with chicken and it was basically like the Chinese stir fried rice vermicelli with a piece of lemon.
I suppose their lunch options are targeted for the locals and not so much Filipinos.

They now sell icecream too and many other new items and drinks.

I spotted the milkshake maker which meant their milkshakes are made with icecream just like Caliburger.

I ordered the ube milkshake because I love UBE!
The ube milkshake (ube meaning Taro) was divine, it was not to sweet but extremely creamy with a strong taro taste.

Hopefully they are open again during lunch so I can try the Baby cocktail even though I don't have a clue what it is.

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