Thursday, November 07, 2013

Get your dose of Chinese homely food here

Home-made Cuisine (Wan Chai)

Before this tasting, I have dined here a year ago and just discovered that Red Seasons is associated to this restaurant as well.

Thanks to their marketing department for inviting me to this tasting.

Here was what I tried:

Tender duck sauteed with preserved red bean curd, hoi sin sauce and broccoli
florets topped with Guinness beer:

Tried this before and it was delicious so I wanted to see if the standards were the same.
Everything tasted as good as before and the duck was in rich sauce with a good mix of fermented red beancurd and the hoisin sauce was great with the rice.
The broccoli was nice and soft this time.

Lamb chops marinaded in dry rosemary herbs and garlic served with Thai chili’s and coriander lemon grass sauce:

The lamb chops were slightly different to ones I have tried before, perhaps it was a little over cooked because the lamb was not soft enough but it tasted nice with the green sauce which was a mix of coriander and lemon grass.

They had red rice or white rice to choose from.
Prawns stir fry with dry garlic and chili’s served in a stone hot pot:

Beneath the prawns, there was so much fried garlic, peppercorns and chili.

It would be good if the prawns were gutted but they were lovely and springy.
I was hoping for more explosive tastes from the garlic and peppercorns but somehow it did not penetrate through the prawn shell.
Minced fish patty and prawns boiled in white radish & fish stock:

The seafood soup was a great way of finishing off the meal because the taste with light with plenty of white radish chunks and glass vermicelli in the dish.

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