Monday, November 25, 2013

Will J&G Fried Chicken stay for good?

J&G Fried Chicken (Tseung Kwan O)

Before J&G Fried Chicken came along, its predecessor on this street was Big Big Chicken but now they have moved to a smaller unit at the Food Kiosk which is probably cheaper to rent.

I am not a Taiwanese food fanatic but Ji Guang from Taiwan has opened its first store in Hong Kong on November 20, as part of its expansion plan in Asia.
As well as Hong Kong, you can also find them in Singapore but the food options are slightly different, they have fried squid in Singapore.

For more info you can go to their site at jgssg dot com

Currently the menu in Hong Kong is limited and will probably be expanded later depending on hows thing go.
The items that they serve are:
- Crispy chicken nuggets
- Crispy king oyster mushrooms
- French fries with green onion and garlic
- Spa chicken filet (white meat)
- Ice fruit tea/Iced tea/Plum tea

I had my doubts on the chicken so I opted for the crispy king oyster mushrooms which are diced bite size pieces of king oyster mushrooms dipped in batter and fried.

Although this is vegetarian, the mushrooms are fried in the same oil that the chicken was fried in so if you're a strict vegetarian then beware!

After the mushroom is fried, they are put in the metal tray to be served.

Then they are put in another smaller metal bowl and weighed so that every portion weighs the same, and then seasoned with spices.

While I was waiting for the fried mushrooms I thought I could hear the staff singing or rapping.

Crispy king oyster mushrooms:

Before I tried it, I assumed it was going to be really oily with lots of oily oozing out but surprisingly it wasn't and the batter coating was really crispy and thin.
The oyster mushrooms were really juicy, meaty and earthy too which went nicely with the crispy batter that was flavoured by the spices.

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