Monday, November 18, 2013

Luscious greens at your expense!

O Green Cafe (Sheung Wan)

I have always wanted to try this place but they do not open on Sundays, so the only time I can try it is during the weekdays.

The menu and style is similar to Dandy Cafe down the road.

The cafe is quite small with about 3-4 tables.

There is a salad bar at the front and a cabinet for drinks and vegan cakes.

Although they did not stop me taking photos, I just noticed the "no photo" sign on the way out.
Green salad:

As you can see, lots of luscious greens, topped with three slices of tofu, sauce and flax seeds.
I liked the fact I was paying for a green salad and that was what I got, no other nonsense and fattening dressings.
The salad tasted really nice and the tofu was panfried, but there was too much flax seeds for my liking.
Cucumber soda:

I expected the cucumber soda to be good because I have tried the Vanilla flavour which is not sweet at all.
It tastes like pure cooling cucumber with some fizz in it.
The cost of this meal was quite expensive but the portions were huge and it was mainly greens which was good because they did not use cheap pastas to make it wholesome.

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