Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Fêtez Noël a agnès b. le pain grillé

agnès b. le pain grillé (Causeway Bay)

Thanks to agnès b. le pain grillé, Dragonsiuyeah and KelvinYFL for inviting me to an early Christmas preview which will be served on the 24th and 25th of December.

For $688 per person with 10% service charge on top, this is what your going to get.

Assorted crusty yeasty bread.
The one I tried had walnuts and raisins which was nutty and sweet.
Amuse bouche

Creamy avocado and crabmeat on crispy toast and a blob of grape jelly.
Initially I thought it was filled with liquid but it was a cute blob of jelly that was not too strong tasting to start off with.
Seared us scallop with roasted beetroot and foam, parmesan crisp and Cured salmon in french yellow wine beetroot jelly and acquitine caviar

The scallop was seared nicely and flavoured by the crispy fried parmesan cheese netting, while the beetroot jelly melts in your mouth.
The cured salmon had a nice smokey taste with a hint of bitterness.
Smoked beef consomme, wild mushroom and foie gras tortellini, paysanne of assorted vegetables

The soup tasted really strong with a moderate smokey taste and the tortellini was filled with delicious foie gras.
It was delicately presented with paysanne cut vegetables but when you are consuming the soup, it was difficult to spoon these vegetables.
Red fruit sorbet and rose champagne

Not only was the presentation classy, it tasted lovely as well.
I loved the scoop of fruit sorbet served on light pink sparkling champagne, it was just like a classy float.
The sweet sorbet and the bitter tasting champagne were a lovely paring.
Atlantic cod fillet cider shellfish ragout and vegetables fettuccini

The chefs at this restaurant were highly talented from Paysanne cut vegetables to vegetable fettuccini.
Different vegetables were sliced into fettuccini shaped strips which were soft enough to take the form of fettuccini.
The cod fillet was extremely soft and melts in your mouth and the fresh mussels were a treat too.
Roasted wagyu beef striploin, Jerusalem artichoke and smoked pork belly mousse, roasted pumpkin, carrot, Brussels sprout and truffle jus

The arrangement of this dish is supposed to resemble a Christmas tree.
Two chunks of soft and juicy beef with truffle slices on top with colourful carrots on brussel sprout leaves.
Chocolate and pistachio mousse, cranberry jelly raspberry coulis with rum and raisin icecream

The icecream was really nice, I loved the strong rum and vanilla taste.
To finish off I had the mousse which was equally as good especially the pistachio layer.
Lychee and strawberry mocktail

For people who do not drink alcohol, there was the Lychee and strawberry mocktail (not included in the Christmas dinner).
I was surprised how good lychee and strawberry tasted together and I loved the blended pieces of real lychee fruit at the bottom of the drink.
To end the meal, there was tea or coffee.
After that Christmas dinner, you should be revved up and ready to party!

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