Monday, November 11, 2013

Hello Kitty's Birthday X Maxim’s cakes

Maxim's Cake Shop (Wan Chai)

To celebrate Hello Kitty's birthday, Maxims have made a Hello Kitty series and for Christmas there is going to be a Hello Kitty Christmas cake.

In the Hello Kitty series, there is a Big ferris wheel that comes with cupcakes for $298,
3D Helly Kitty cake $168, Hello Kitty Dessert cups $20 and Hello Kitty rainbow cake $228!

With any purchase of Hello Kitty cakes or cupcake sets, you can get a cute Grey or Red Hello Kitty tote bag for $78 (worth $398)

These cute Hello Kitty cakes will be on sale from 1st November to the end of this year!

Thanks to the PR company for this lovely tote bag that you can really use!!!!
Hello Kitty tote bag:

Hello Kitty ferris wheel cupcake set:
It was really fun assembling the ferris wheel which was quick and easy.
The instructions were in Chinese but the pictorial was clear enough and they even had some spare nuts and plastic fixers incase you lose any.

Hello Kitty cupcakes:

With the ferris wheel, there are eight cup cakes, 4 chocolate and 4 plain (pink icing).
The chocolate one was really nice and had a strong chocolate taste.

As for the plain one, it had a strong buttery taste.


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