Saturday, November 23, 2013

Grassroots Pantry at IEM

Grassroots Pantry (Western District)

It was so good that Grassroots Pantry had a stall at IEM otherwise I would have not been able to try their food.
Grassroots Pantry is located in Sai Ying Pun which is extremely inconvenient and far away.

At the stall, they sold salads for $58 per box which is a mix of all three salads.

The salads were:
Quinoa salad with dried fruits, sunflower seeds, orange and hazelnut dressing.
Sprouted mung beans, peas, edamame, seaweed, salad and ponzu dressing.
Roasted beetroot salad dressing, fresh mint and chili flakes.
Quinoa salad:

Beetroot salad:

GP Salad Special:

Since I do not like Quinoa, I only had the beetroot and mung bean salad.
From the picture and the real thing, you can see how luscious and perfect the greens were with visible capillaries in the leaves just like freshly picked greens.
The sprouted mung beans, peas, edamame beans were bursting with sweetness and I loved the crunch especially the sprouted mung beans.
The beetroots were a little too hard but the greens were refreshing because of the chopped mint leaves, however the chili flakes were too spicy for my liking.

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