Thursday, November 28, 2013

ori-gin, it all begins with gin!

ori-gin is gin themed bar serving fun cocktails by mixologist Antonio Lai.

In the 1920s, gin was a popular drink.

Many people made homemade spirits which required water, the bottle could not be filled at the sink because the sink was too shallow hence filled using the bathtub tap hence the name Bathtub gin!

At Ori-gin they have a real bath tub there, not for making gin but for washing your hands outside the toilet.

Previously I tried Quinary which is about the fives senses so I was expecting something similar.
I have always wanted to try the KGB cocktail because it is served in a cute bathtub with FOAM and a rubber duck as well!

The Ori-ginal KGB cocktail has:
Gin, Japanese Kyoho grape liqueur, lemon and lime juice, elderflower syrup, topped with kyoho tea air.

I tried the non-alcoholic version.

Initially I wasn't sure how it would taste because of the Kyoho grapes.
Most of the Kyoho grape flavours I have tried in the past taste artificial.

It was fun seeing the bathtub being filled, so it was good sitting at the bar.
The bathtub was filled with pretty glistening gold Kyoho grape caviar.

It was then filled with the cocktail.

Then topped with foam and it was ready!~!

KGB cocktail (non alcholic):

Definitely a must after trying it because it tastes good as well looking fun!
The grape taste was not artificial and the best thing was that it was not sweet and I loved the caviar jelly at the bottom too!
The drink was also refreshing because of the lemon and lime juice.
Special drink produced for Nespresso event:
See the cute bottle on the LEFT

I loved this drink because it was a good balance of alchohol and coffee and it tasted like a thick milkshake!
Just for fun:
After drinking my KGB, I filled the tub with water and put the duck in!~
However it is not advised to put the duck in the DRINK itself!!

For more photos, please see my FB album:

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