Thursday, November 28, 2013

Hand dripped coffee and Coffee Jam

Bei Coffee (Sai Kung)

Came here again because I was eating nearby.

Here was what I had:

Caramel banana tea cake:

A moist and dense cake with lots of earl grey tea leaves in it which you can visually see!
It was quite sweet but after adding Coffee jam the cake was much nicer, and there were delicious slices of banana on top of the cake.
Homemade jam with toast:
I was surprised they had coffee jam so I ordered it.
Before it came I was curious on the jams appearance because jams usually look like thick jelly.
When it came, it looked like a paste.

The coffee jam was delicious, it was similar to nutella spread but with a creamy coffee taste that was not too strong or bitter.

As well as coffee jam I was given some blueberry jam incase I did not like it.
The blueberry jam was delicious as well because it was not sweet at all and it had many plump blueberries.
Hand dripped coffee:

Thanks to the owner for the Hand dripped coffee.
I have not tried hand dripped coffee before this and it was likeable but it was still too strong for my liking.

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