Sunday, November 17, 2013

Cakes @ J'aime bien Patisserie

J'aime bien Patisserie (Wan Chai)

It was hard getting a seat there because it was packed with people so opted for takeaway.

Since there were only two cakes I wanted to try I could not get a box because you only get a box for three cakes or more.
I don't think I would have been impressed if I bought the most expensive cake which costs $52 and given just a flimsy paper bag to carry it.
Pistachio and tofu entremet:

Pistachio dacquoise, tofu mousse, red fruit jelly, white chocolate glaze
This was my favourite, light tofu mousse with fragrant pistachio puree and fruity red jelly in the middle.
Caramel Cube $42:

The caramel cube was a bit heavy with a cheesecake texture.

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