Friday, November 15, 2013

Dreamy blueberry risotto and cinnamon lemon chicken

Restaurant: Green Orange
Address: 2/F, CS Tower, 50 Wing Lok St
Telephone: 2541 9090

Found out about this place when I read the latest review.
The name Green orange caught my attention so I clicked into it and found out it was quite new because there were only six reviews.
(They named it Green Orange because the Feng Shui Master said the colours green and orange would be good for them, so they simply called it Green Orange.)
I saw a photo of the Blueberry risotto and just had to try it.

Thanks to Tony for letting me try these dishes which are headed by Chef K Hoi, a passionate Chef who loves cooking.

If he was not passionate about cooking, he would not be cooking this delicious meal after a long days work at the office and thinking of other new dishes to come.

I thought that this place would be a noisy bar at night, but when I arrived I was greeted by a formally dressed waiter which made the restaurant feel classy.
I sat in the corner where there were comfortable leather chairs.

The restaurant was really comfortable and relaxing.

It is located in the same building as Sinmei's which is close to the MTR exit.

The menu was so amazing and creative, they had my favourite Jambalaya and they even had Barley risotto with anchovies!
There were so many unique items!!

The daily special was different too!!!!! It was not very prominently placed because I only discovered that after taking photos.
They had fish dumplings and apple risotto with braised leg of duck.

Here was what I tried:

I could smell the herbs when it was brought over, it was quite a firm bread with fragrant herbs.
I only ate a little bit because I was saving my stomach for the risotto.
Grilled shrimp skewers with basil and lemon:

I had to try this because I love basil and lemon and not many places combine lemon and basil together.
The prawns were springy and had a lovely charred taste but the basil was not as strong as I hoped, after chatting with the Chef, he said they normally use Basil but they only had Thai basil that day which is not as strong as the normal Basil.
Grilled cinammon spiced chicken with lemon and honey sauce:

It was a lovely piece of grilled chicken breast sprinkled with cinnamon and cumin which were both my favorite spices.
Personally I would have loved more spices on top but it still tasted good because the lemon and honey sauce was terrific.
Normally the sauce is served on the chicken, but they put it in a separate jug so I could decide how much sauce to put on it.
It was great that it was separate because I preferred dipping the chicken in the sauce so that the sauce didn't get wasted on the plate.

Anyway, the taste was amazing, I tried the chicken with and without the sauce and it was gorgeous.
Beneath the chicken there was scrummy potatoes and vegetables.
The chicken without sauce tasted surprisingly nice with the cinnamon and cumin, I never thought that cinnamon could be paired with other items other than apple.
With the lemon and honey sauce, it was just divine because the honey taste was really strong but not cloyingly sweet and the sauce was really runny too so it does not make the plate go sticky.
Interestingly the lemon in the sauce tasted strong too, so it was a wonderful combination of tastes of the lemon, honey, cinnamon and chicken together!!
Blueberry risotto:

I was really looking forward to this because previously I tried Strawberry risotto at Azure and it was appetizing.
Ok, it looks like breakfast or dessert but it's definitely delicious and savoury!
It had a nice crunch because there was onions in it and there were cooked blueberries too which were juicy and delicious, but they did not taste sour so it complemented the risotto nicely and there was hint of chicken stock in the risotto too.
As well as cooked blueberries, they also garnished it generously with fresh blueberries which gave it more depth and a burst of sweetness.
I really liked the fact that I was eating a blueberry risotto which actually contained a generous amount of blueberries!~!
I just felt that the cheese was a little too strong and sometimes it over powered the blueberry risotto.
The risotto here is creative and fruity because they had apple in the daily special which I can imagine tasting nice too.
The chef also experimented with kiwi too which he said was the best.
Fish dumplings in cream sauce:

Lastly I tried the fish dumplings which was a first because not many places use fish!
It was sprinkled with poppy seeds and surrounded in cream sauce looking a bit Russian but I don't know why.
The fish dumplings were lovely, soft and boneless!!
Definitely a dish for sharing.

I will definitely be back and try their lunches because they have Tandoori spice sole and Lamb skewers with cous cous.

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