Friday, November 15, 2013

Peruvian food

MAYTA Peruvian Kitchen & Pisco Bar (Central)

This is the only reason I like Hong Kong!

There are so many international restaurants nearby without needing to travel far!

Mayta has some quite nice Peruvian dishes which is why I have been there quite a few times.
Some of the dishes were quite chinese such as the rice pudding with red beans.
The soup was quite boring because it was mushroom soup, but the Peruvian corn was cool, they were like giant pieces of sweetcorn and were chewy and hard like purple sweetcorn.
Pan Con Chicharron:

I was surprised they use the same Chinese steamed bun which is white.
The pan con chicharron had slices of crunchy pork belly, crispy purple sweet potato slices and tangy sauce which balanced the fatty pork and made it delicious.
After googling it, it appears that most places use normal buns and not these Chinese sweet buns that they sell in Little Bao and Bao Wow!

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