Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Dim Sum at the Wan Chai market

Amazing Food (Wan Chai)

Noticed this shop because it was called "Amazing Food" but oddly they were selling Chinese Dim Sum which was a little mismatching to the name because I was not expecting Chinese food.

And yes, this shop has a Chinese name which I did not know how to type when I listed this shop but amazingly KC managed to find it listed on OpenRice through its English name which proves KC is really amazing.

Anyway, they have usual Dim Sum fare with big steamers that contain pots of rice, and stacks and stacks of dim sum.

glutinous rice wrapped in lotus leaf:

This was rather nice and filling, the glutinous rice in the middle was soft and sticky with a lovely lotus leaf fragrance. As for the meat in the middle I rarely eat that because it is fat.
Rice with chicken feet and spare ribs:

Overall this was really good, but the box concerned me because I could taste and smell CFC in the food.

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