Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Warming sweet potato drink with French tarts

I never dine at Hui Lau Shan unless there is something new because the usual choices are too local and it is just mangoes and coconut which I do not like.

Bravo! they now serve some French tarts by Boncolac.

The new baby white peach cheesecake was interesting because the peach was green.

There was blueberry cheesecake as well.

Hokkaido sweet potato drink:

I wasn't impressed at first because I got my hands sticky when I held the glass cup!

Anyway, apart from sweet potato, there were lots of other goodies in the drink such as purple sweetcorn and you can really taste the sweet potato infused in the drink.
The only disappointment was that it was way too sweet.
Strawberry tart:

The strawberry tart was really nice, it had plump mushed strawberries on top with a thin layer of custard between the tart and the fruit.
The bill:


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